Why the Undercover Truck Cover Beats a Fiberglass Truck Bed Cover


The Undercover truck cover looks like a fiberglass bed cover. It’s about the same price too. It operates much like a fiberglass cover. You might think it is a fiberglass lid. It isn’t though, and here’s why that matters. It isn’t made of fiberglass at all. It’s made using modern polymers, not fiberglass. Now it’s a hinge-forward cover that locks up just like other covers. It’s got that great aerodynamic look too. The deal is that Undercover was the first company to build a hard, hinge-forward bed cover using more modern materials.

What that does, first of all, is save a whole bunch of weight. That means you have to haul around less weight so you get better fuel mileage. That’s not all. Less weight means it’s easier to install. You should just read the comments by owners. Less weight means it’s easier to lift too. Plus it’s easier to take off if you need to. Saving weight does a lot for you. Then there’s the look. See it’s easier to get a really slick finish on polymers than on fiberglass. Fiberglass structures tend to have texture to the finish, unlike the polymer finish. Plus fiberglass cracks easily if it’s not reinforced properly. That’s the other thing. The Undercover bed covers are very strong, even though they are light. The lids are all but indestructible, so you still get great security when you lock up your bed. It’s like a lockable vault. Isn’t that one of the reasons you’re looking at a hard bed cover? So the Undercover truck cover is different. It’s not fiberglass. It’s better because of the modern material used to build it. You get a lighter, stronger, less bulky hard cover at about the same price. Check it out before you buy.

Benefits of Using a Tonneau Truck Cover

These covers provide the ultimate protection as typically, they are made of aluminum and steel that is of superior quality. Some Tonneau Truck Covers are made of fiberglass, whatever the case all the porsche 911 cover are light in weight and can be used easily. This also makes for easy assembly of the covers and they can set up in a short span of time. Many of the Tonneau covers come with an easy railing snap mechanism, which makes drilling holes into the truck railing redundant.

Tonneau covers come with numerous advantages; and have emerged as one of the most valuable assets for people who own pickup trucks. One of the biggest benefits of using Tonneau covers is that they are configured to provide able security to the valuable cargo that a truck will carry. They are made in a way such that they can lock the cargo, thus preventing many a robbery. They also protect the cargo from the elements and can withstand the toughest of road conditions. Moreover, these covers can be used in any weather condition and you can be assured that the objects underneath these covers are not damaged in any way. If you are one of those who appreciate a sense of color in your covers, then Tonneau covers cater to this requirement as well. A potential customer can choose from a wide variety of colors that add that extra something to the overall look of the truck. Some Tonneau covers are so light that children can easily set them up. As aforementioned this lightweight quality makes them very popular as they can be handled easily. Furthermore, all Tonneau covers are easily foldable and can be tucked away in a small corner of your garage. Some Tonneau covers are available in the aerodynamic variety. They enable a truck owner to increase mileage of the truck. We have said earlier that they can be put up easily but we forget to mention that all Tonneau covers can be taken down as easily. Once they are down some covers can also be hung well out of the way. Such covers look like a mounted hardware and thus do not stand out.

Some Tonneau covers are retractable in nature. However, bear in mind that a hard cover retracts only in parts. Soft covers retract completely. Aerodynamic retractable covers can retract automatically by the simple pulling of a strap. For those who want a cover for their toolbox, well do not fret. Tonneau toolbox covers are tailor-made to suit this demand as well. It is their premier Bakflip truck cover. It is their thickest of truck covers and suggested better than any other folding tonneau cover. We will see how it ranks through the summary of customer reviews I happened to go through. It folds all the way to the cab rear window and can be secured there with the two arms which are supplied. It does cover the rear window and would protect the rear window if you were throwing things into the cargo area of your pickup truck. You are capable of driving with the cover opened. The company also says you can distribute up to 400 pounds on top of the cover.

The cover suppose to stay cool to the touch with the UV protection coating it has which is also supposed to keep the cover looking good for years. The company says they made this cover for people who are particularly rough on a truck bed cover and who may live in harsh weather situations such as hail, ice and snow. space if you really need to squeeze something in there. Many have complimented the cover on being very water resistant. Some have tested with hoses and car washes and may have found a couple of drops of water might have entered but not any real amount. If your truck does not already have drain holes in each corner of your truck box behind the cab, you will have to drill one in each side. This comes in handy when it comes to hauling large items. The cover is also installed between the truck sides so it allows you to use the stake holes for side rails, tie downs, racks that are level or above the truck cab which is another feature that other folding tonneau covers do not have. In conclusion in my opinion this folding tonneau cover has all the features that I would look for in a folding truck cover. For some reason, truck owners may have width issues and they may not want the backfill f1 tonneau cover because it is installed between the truck sides.

Truck Tonneau Covers – The Evolution of Tonneau Cover Innovation

Truck covers got its name from the word tonneau, pronounced as tan’-no, a French word that roughly means a cask, a container or a cover. Several automobile designs since its first inception varies more on it’s placement of the doors.

Truck Covers Evolution

Truck tonneau covers also evolve through time first it started as a cover made from cloth or canvass. Later, vinyl is used as a covering where its water resistance ability gave it a more justice to the real purpose of what a truck tonneau covers should be, a membrane that would protect a tonneau from varied elements. A cloth and vinyl truck covers require a snap or hook base system to hold the truck covers in place. The use of these snaps or hooks makes some truck owners hesitant to use cloth or vinyl truck tonneau covers due to its requirement to drill a hole through the trucks’ body or in a more non-invasive means put adhesives to hold the snaps or hooks. Another innovation is the use of roll up type of truck covers where a retractable fabric or plastic cover is use and rolled out to the end of the truck bed. This is more convenient to use because they don’t involve time consuming assembly. The most popular truck covers are either made of hard plastic, fiberglass and lightweight metal like aluminum. Unlike its predecessors, the truck covers can be painted to match the color of the truck. This type is the most secured type of truck tonneau covers.

Benefits of a Truck Cover

Although truck tonneau covers’ original purpose is to shield the rear seating compartment from the elements, a purpose that is still being considered today, other rationale to its use are the benefits that using a truck covers would bring today. These benefits though negligible before are now considered to be significant in today’s circumstances. Sturdy and fixed truck tonneau covers give a secured compartment for the contents of a truck bed today. With the rising criminality today, a truck tonneau covers shields the truck’s content from the prying eyes of would-be thieves. As they say “out of sight is out of mind”, this means what a thief can’t see he cannot steal. The modern truck covers effectively seals out dust and other elements inside the truck bed requiring less maintenance and damage to cargoes. Truck tonneau covers also makes a truck more aerodynamic by covering the truck beds cavity thereby avoiding air cavity that would result in drag. The reduction or absence of drag on a truck significantly improves its fuel economy that would mean savings from fuel expense. John Loewe, Founder of Icon Technologies Limited. Over the past 28 years I’ve been involved in the Design, Manufacturing and Marketing of thousands of products… mostly for the Transportation and Recreational Vehicle industry.

Is Seat Covers Necessary For Suitable Car Protection?

After they get it out on the road, individuals who buy cars of any kind are oftentimes worried about exactly how to maintain their look. There are certainly a lot of risks associated with driving and parking your car outdoors. Most people’s concerns are about keeping the outside of their car looking shiny and fresh, and that makes sense as a consequence. You have to look at this issue from another side, though. The outside might be what a lot of owners and car admirers focus on, but you must also think about exactly how you plan to keep your car’s interior clean too. Car owners are the primary watchers of what goes on inside a car’s interior and exactly how it ultimately looks. And if you commute to work like a lot of individuals do, there’s a lot that can go wrong, in terms of keeping your car’s insides clean. If you like coffee, for example, what is the probability that you’ll be able to go through every single morning without managing to spill it on a car seat, even though it’s only a drop or two? Probably not much, especially if you’re hurrying. Simultaneously, if you ever go out to get fast food on the rush, you’ll likely end up having to dump the remains of your on-the-go lunch onto the backseat in lieu of actually throwing it out immediately. Oil can saturate into paper bags like they’re tissue paper. Guess where it’ll end up if you’ve just thrown it onto the backseat of your car?

To combat such problems, car seat covers are consequently a good option. They might be just the thing to ensure your actual seat covers remain clean, since they’re made of a selection of different fabrics and are able to endure much damage. Since it’s a lot easier merely to remove a dirty seat cover than to have your car reupholstered, this is vital for resale purposes in the future. If you’re ever considering reselling your car in the future, car seat covers are a certain lifesaver, as your probability of having to reupholster your car seats after using them is much lower. And for those with more eclectic tastes, seat covers will fit right into your life very easily. You could get them dotted or even zebra stripes. The decision is entirely yours. Just keep in mind that with seat covers already set up, any clutter you make the next time you order fast food on the go shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can’t really fail with car seat covers for somebody with an on-the-go way of life.